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Michigan Scrap Tire Collection Site #S82130003

Michigan Scrap Tire Hauler Registration#H82150020


Routine Pickup Fees

*$200 minimum for all initial customers. All pricing is subject to trip surcharge after 20 mi from yard.

Passenger Car/Light Truck Tires: $1.75 each

Semi Truck (Up to 12 inch width): $10.00 each

Semi Truck (Over 12 inch width): $20.00 each

Mounted Car Rims: $2.00 extra

Mounted Semi Truck Rims: $5.00

Routine Semi Trailer Drop: $1,200


Delivered Current Fees

If you are LICENSED with the STATE OF MICHIGAN to haul scrap tires we want to work with you. Please contact us today.

Product Available

Bulk Crumb Rubber Feedstock - Contact Us Today

Bulk Uncolored Rubber Mulch - Contact Us Today

Passenger/Light Truck Tire Sidewalls $.75 each

Truck Tire Sidewalls $2.00 each

Passenger Tire Bales - Contact Us Today